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Fresh, Natural, All-Norwegian

Fresh75 minutes of catch

These measures ensure NOR-OIL Premium Omega-3 Oil has a measurable TOTOX level of less than 2 when extracted and sealed. To give some perspective, a TOTOX measure of zero means the fish is alive, while a measure of 26 is considered acceptably fresh. Less than 2 is extremely fresh!

75 minutes catch-to-extraction and TOTOX less than 2 make NOR-OIL Premium Omega-3 Oil the freshest Omega-3 fish oil on the market!

immune defenseWhy it is important

Freshness is important for safety reasons – rotten oil attacks the immune system and lowers the body’s defences against infection. There is currently no law against buying or selling rotten fish oil for supplements so there is a real chance you may already have eaten rotten oil. A 2010 study found that 109 of the 113 most popular Omega-3 fish oils on the market were indeed rotten! With NOR-OIL Premium Omega-3 Oil, you can be confident you are buying fresh, quality Omega-3 fish oil.

Freshness is also necessary for Omega-3 effectiveness. Rotten oil is hard to absorb. Because NOR-OIL Premium Omega-3 Oil is extremely fresh, your body can absorb the Omega-3 easily for maximum effectiveness!

Piece_Of_Salmon_fishoil - CopyNatural

NOR-OIL Premium Omega-3 Oil is extracted directly from salmon taken from the icy Norwegian Arctic, cooked gently at a maximum temperature of 90ºC for less than two minutes and then presented to you. Just as you would expect of a fresh salmon filet!

Why it is important

Scientific tests have unequivocally proven that unrefined Omega-3 like ours, in its natural form, is much better absorbed by the human body than refined oils which have been converted into difficult-to-absorb Ethyl Ester alcohol forms.

Refining 250 degreesRefined oils are heated up to 250ºC for several hours, changing the molecular structure of the Omega-3 oil into a harder-to-absorb form, stripping the oil of valuable vitamins and phospholipids, and making the oil less stable and more susceptible to rot.

NOR-OIL Premium Omega-3 Oil, naturally contains – in addition to Omega-3 EPA, DHA, and DPA – important vitamins (A, D, E, and K), phospholipids, minerals and fats which:

  • Are of special nutritional value

  • Have been shown in tests to aid the absorption of Omega-3 EPA and DHA

  • Maintain the overall stability of the fish oil, preventing rot

These naturally-occuring, beneficial nutrients are stripped away from refined oils, but you can benefit from them by choosing naturally unrefined NOR-OIL Premium Omega-3 Oil.


Norwegian flagNOR-OIL Premium Omega-3 Oil is extracted from Norwegian Salmon, in Norway, by NORDLAKS, a Norwegian company, and is distributed by NOR-OIL, also a Norwegian company, owned and ran by a Norwegian, Tommy Einar Gydar Syversen. Tommy continues the family tradition of fresh, premium quality Norwegian salmon from his grandfather.

Why it is important

Quality management omega-3 - CopyEverything in one place means the production chain is minimal. Long, messy supply chains are frequently associated with food scandals like the recent horsemeat-in-beef fiasco. By contrast, NOR-OIL can say with confidence exactly where their oil comes from, and who their partners are. As a country, Norway has very high standards, meeting and exceeding EU regulations on health and safety. NOR-OIL is able to guarantee those high standards as the supply chain begins in Norway – we don’t import fish oil from halfway around the world!

While many Omega-3 companies are vague about the exact source of their fish oil, NOR-OIL has nothing to hide – we are proud of our world-beating quality and freshness! This means you can buy Omega-3 Oil with confidence.