NOR-OIL Premium Omega-3 Oil Citrus-Flavoured Chewable Children’s Capsules

£ 16.95

Young children (like many adults!) do not always like the taste of fish oil. These chewable capsules are flavoured naturally (orange citrus + stevia) and effectively mask the fishy taste with a pleasant citrus flavour. No need to worry any longer about little ones chewing the capsules and pulling a face!

2 x 500 mg capsules contains 215mg Omega-3 fatty acids including EPA, DHA, and DPA, unrefined and with their full natural vitamin and nutrient complement. Screened for impurities and superfresh for ultra-low oxidation. One box provides 60 capsules for one month’s supply of 2 capsules daily.

Nutritional Content (2 capsules):
Virgin Salmon Oil 1000 mg
Omega 3 fatty acids: 215 mg
EPA fatty acids: 48 mg
DHA fatty acids: 72 mg
DPA fatty acids: 25 mg
Other Omega 3 fatty acids: 70 mg
Other fatty acids: 785 mg